I knew that closer relations with Paige wouldn't help me get ahead in my plans to escape. I also knew that it would be twice as difficult to let go of him when I escaped. And I was sure that every time he looked at me with his big, almond-shaped eyes and spoke to me with full understanding, it gave me every reason to cancel my plans and live in the Ministry house.

-Emerald Rauch

Emerald Rauch is a fictional character in the story The Ministry. She is described with blond, wavy hair, hard-hearted and finds it hard to bond to people emotionally. In her childhood she lived in poverty, in the town Hillcrest and learned, as she got older, to take care of herself. When her parents decide to send her to study in the Ministry, she gets angry and tries with all her heart to chance her parents decision. In the Ministry School she meets plenty of interesting people, including Paige Fickin, a fifteen year-old boy from a wealthier neighborhood outside of Hillcrest. He is a son of a well evaluated blacksmith and has plenty of sisters. Emerald, however has parents that both work at fish production factory. They get paid poorly. Emerald only loves one creature before she meets Paige, and that is her deceased dog that died shortly after she left.

Paige really irritates Emerald when she first mets him, thinking he is too kind, end everybody loves him. She underestimate him badly in the beginning but learns that he's not happy at home. The suite of Paige and Emerald in the trip consists of a kind-hearted, fat woman named Millicent McFarlen, Reuben Kidney, a rude man, which is still fond of the two teenagers, and a man named Jacky Lee, quiet, chinese former bodyguard.


A little ten-year-old girl named Mavis becomes a close friend to both Paige and Emerald. She doesn't talk much and has a special personality. She is nothing like her friend Arnette, which is hyperactive, talks way too much and is always in everybody's way. Arnette lived in the same street as Emerald. They know each other a little of the first impressions from Hillcrest before meeting again at the Ministry. Emerald thinks she is often too hyperactive. Paige and Emerald also meet two teenagers, Sheldon and Maverick (called Ricky) that are a typical bullies and really scary to both of them.

Her relationship with Paige is nothing like her relations to the other kids. They call themselves just friends but are seen kissing when they are alone. Paige sometimes sneak in to Emerald's room through the doors separating the two rooms and lies beside her in her bed an they talk about physical things. Emerald really cares about him.

Emerald's relationship with her suite is different from each person to another. Millicent becomes Emerald's close friend and she helps her through all kinds of things though she almost hates Reuben.