I don't think there is a purpose for having Millicent around. She is always sneaking around in our rooms in the worst possible timing. Similar as to have domesticated llamas in the living room!

-Paige to Emerald.

Paige Fickin is a fictional character in The Ministry. He's described to have dirty blonde / brown hair and brown almond-shaped eyes. He's also very kind and a complete opposite of Emerald. He is also the main reason for her to stay in The Ministry School. He is described to be really beautiful young boy, and Emerald thinks his eyes are the prettiest eyes in the world.

Paige hates it when he figures out that Emerald doesn't like him. He's not used to that, everybody likes him. Even Reuben, that doesn't like anybody, really cares for him and listens to him when he wants to speak. And that's basically the main reason why she doesn't like him at first. He reminds Millicent of an innocent, little choir boy from her home.

Paige is shy, innocent, and really kind fifteen-year old from a wealthy town outside of Hillcrest. He has three sisters that he loves more than anything in the world plus Emerald. Their names are Elspeth (8), Isolde (5) and Iris (7). He also has a father that doesn't care about him.


His relation with Emerald is much different from his relationships with the other kids. Mavis, a ten-year-old becomes his close friend, and he finds it necessary to protect her. He thinks her hyperactive best friend, Arnette, is a super active, cute, laughing girl though he knows that Emerald thinks she is annoying.

He also becomes good friends with Millicent and the others in his suite.