I can't believe this, they almost managed to make you pretty!

-Reuben to Emerald

Reuben Kidney is a fictional character in The Ministry. He is descibed to have a tan skin and red hair. He's really clever, works for the Ministry but he's in and out, always quitting and starting. He works as an advisor for Emerald and Paige.

Reuben first appeared in the first meeting when Emerald came to the Ministry for the first time. She described him as sly, angry and serious man and knew when she saw him first that they would never be friends.

Reuben doesn't like Emerald at all. He described her that she is unruly, intensive and independent. He cares a little for her, though he doesn't show it.

He became angry and frustrated when he figured out that Emerald and Paige were in a "relationship". He asked Paige if he could come and chat with him in private. He said to Paige that little kinds of things like that can turn everything upside down.


Millicent and Reuben make a good team though, by helping Paige and Emerald to get through the loss of Mavis when she dies. Jacky and Reuben are secretly good friends though they never speak together in public. He doesn't know any of the other kids, except for Sheldon and Maverick. Reuben was once the advisor of their parents when they went there.

Reuben doesn't have in love affairs on the trip.